It’s a Nikon D40

bearded iris

Can you stand another flower close-up? They’re all over the internet, flickr in particular. I apologize if it’s just another yawner for you, but it seemed the best way to broadcast my happy news: I have graduated from a point-n-shoot and am now the proud owner of a digital/SLR camera! Impatient, I bypassed the instruction manual and just started capturing some of my sister-in-law’s gorgeous garden. Rich color and fantastic clarity are now possible.

Orange and Blue compositionBut now, 34 photos later, after satiating that initial new-toy excitement, I’m ready to kick back a notch and read up on how to achieve the best results. Allelujah! There’s no stopping me now!


4 responses to “It’s a Nikon D40

  1. Photos of flowers are never yawners for me! Congrats on the new baby — your spiffy Nikon! Oooh, are those poppies I see? I’ve got to plant some. I still have plenty of space in my garden, although I planted a coreopsis and two little blue-violet plants whose name I forget but that look like heather. Color! Don’t we love it!

  2. Oooh, that is great. And my favorite way to learn too!

  3. Maureen Madden-Kershaw

    Lisa, Your first flower made me gasp–has Georgia O’Keefe been reincarnated? The beauty, positioning and color are breathtaking.

    Maureen, 6/12/07

  4. Thank you everyone. Glad to see I haven’t bored anyone!

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