Monday Mosaic … 6/4/07

Monday Mosaic … 6/4/07, originally uploaded by lallennh.
1. Up-side-down, 2. Purple bell, 3. eastern box turtle, 4. Rainbow, 5. Presco Type Cabinet – Drawer #1 – The Buttons., 6. Uros Petrovic – Wooden Town Mecavnik, Serbia, 7. Vintage Silk Braid from Bombay, 8. suef vest, 9. A Dishcloth Rainbow, 10. Singapore VIP Breakfast, 11. water droplets, 12. keychais, 13. Once upon a time…, 14. Leona, 15. Untitled, 16. Penny candy rs

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys.


A week’s worth of favorites – a treasure, each and every one. Enjoy!

One response to “Monday Mosaic … 6/4/07

  1. I love your mosaics — rich in color, texture, and variety of subjects. A feast for my eyes! Thanks, Lisa.

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