Garden Nourishment

woodland phlox

Aren’t these a heavenly blue? Woodland phlox. Another treasure brought home from the garden center gig. And they smell so sweet, too. Now to find a friendly shady spot for them. Wish they could stay on the table but they’d never survive the sun. I’m thinking perhaps of a spot near the driveway entrance, so that they can greet me everytime I arrive home.

Yesterday was my first opportunity since the change of seasons that I had a stretch of several hours to spend in the yard working on that “outdoor living space” garden dream mentioned in my 2007 resolutions/intentions. It was absolutely delightful. Utterly restorative. And all of the digging, bending and lifting made for a fabulous night’s sleep, as well!


Are you familiar with lantana? I absolutely love it. This variety has a trailing habit – great for pots. And its scent is like lemon verbena! yum!

garden stash

These are the new additions, as of Sunday. I call it my garden stash. Not unlike my fabric stash, button stash, bead stash and yarn stash. Common theme? Color. Color, color, color!

One response to “Garden Nourishment

  1. Thanks for the beautiful blooms this morning. I love, love, love the blue phlox!

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