World’s Largest Artistic Collaboration

Painted Tabletop, long Fellow blogger and writer Joyce Schwarz dropped by Dream Big, Live Large yesterday. So of course I stopped by her blog to check it out. Right there on the front page was a post about the world’s largest artistic collaboration. How could I resist? Bottom line — I couldn’t. I love mosaics and have always been fascinated by the development of enormous works of art created by thousands (millions?) of teeny tiny squares of photos.

Shown above is a spontaneous shot (pardon the glare) of a table top I painted for my store. Inspiration was the 2002 bicycle trip I took through the Alpille mountains in Provence. The trip was over in 9 short days, but the memories and inspiration go on forever. Don’t yet know what I’ll submit to this intriguing and impressive project, but stay tuned for its progress.

By the way, for those renaissance souls, mid-life career changers, or life coaches, you’ll find a book/tape/video all about Successful Recareering: When Changing Jobs Just Isn’t Enough at Joyce’s web site by clicking the “recruitment” button.

One response to “World’s Largest Artistic Collaboration

  1. Cool project, thanks for telling us about it!


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