New Gardening Gig

Patio Pot of Geraniums, Verbena, Pansies & Lobelia, originally uploaded by lallennh.

The words came over the phone line last week, “You were in my dreams last night!” Not the usual entree into a conversation, but they bring a certain kind of music to the ears. And flattery will get you some place with me, if not everywhere. A. was calling to ask if I was available to put together pots of annuals at the garden center where she’s a manager. No creative restrictions. Do what I want. Terra cotta pots. Glazed pots. Large. Or larger. My choice. Like sending a kid free in a candy store, for heaven’s sake. And I’ve got my own potting shed and everything. Not bad for a short-term gig with pay and employee discount to boot!

My first day was a glorious one. Fresh air, carrying flats of flowers and stacks of pottery up and down the hill in the unseasonably warm weather. By lunch break I’d developed a fresh appreciation for ice-cold water.

The bubble-gum aroma of the snap dragons is a joyful ‘hello’ every time I walk by. And I never tire of those dear pansy faces, smiling in an array of color. I think this might be one of the all-time favorite jobs of my life. Yippee!

One response to “New Gardening Gig

  1. Lisa,

    HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! This fresh from the garden post made me smile with delight. So happy for you! I love your appreciation for ice cold water and pansy faces. Sounds like you found your bliss in this fun job!

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