Can a Color Equate Happiness?

In the Pink

I’ve been distracted with revenue-generating activities for the past two weeks. Intense focus has interfered with the creative flow. The energy to even dabble a bit has been sadly compromised and left me feeling at odds with myself and the world, tilted, mentally askew and out of balance. So at 5:00 today I indulged in a little photography play, with these vintage stockings and the color pink as my launch. Beginning with the stockings that my great aunt embroidered and worn by my maternal grandmother Vera, I felt absolutely ecstatic as I raided my sewing baskets and linen closet, grabbing everything lacy or pink. My heart sang as I assembled this layered potpourri of favorite things and some of which feature a color I equate with happiness: pink!

Just this simple exercise has generated renewed inspiration for projects left abandoned weeks ago. I am reminded once again that finding balance is not the destination but the process!

2 responses to “Can a Color Equate Happiness?

  1. Lisa, I’m so glad you set aside a little time for this creative activity — I know how much you need it for the health of your soul! I feel the same way about needing to knit.

    The pink is lovely. My happiness color is yellow. Hmmm, banal? Shucks, who cares? For me, yellow — bright or mellow — is sunshine and warmth. Maybe that’s why most of the rooms in my house are painted yellow. 🙂

  2. Oh, Fran, thank you for sharing your favorite happiness color! And, I love yellow, too!

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