Artist Date

Beaded rainbow, originally uploaded by lallennh.


This week’s artist date took me to a local bead shop, where I browsed and planned glass beaded bracelets. For now, I’m attracted to all-beads-glass, as opposed to stone or pearl. For the moment. That could change. And I’ve got a love affair going with flamework beads. One of those things I’d love to learn but am going to have to leave to others at this point in time.


My shop is under construction. Garden art cards, beaded jewelry and fun-fabric bags will be available soon.

 Wishing you a creatively satisfying weekend!


2 responses to “Artist Date

  1. The colours of the beads are beautiful ~ can’t wait to see what you make with them! ♥

  2. Ooooh, these are gorgeous! You HAFTA show me how to do beading. And I still want to knit with beads. Hmmmm, maybe a trip to the bead shop together? 🙂
    ~ Fran

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