Mosaic Monday – April 2, 2007

Mosaic Monday – April 2, 2007, originally uploaded by lallennh.


My past week – in images rather than words.




One response to “Mosaic Monday – April 2, 2007

  1. Hi Lisa,
    I LOVE the graphics you are into!! It’s refreshing to see some art and beauty around the web sometimes!

    You may or may not know my daughter is a Montessori teacher of ages 3-5 year olds. Each year her school does a fabulous fund-raiser by holding an auction.

    At the auction each class has a “group” project of something the students create jointly to auction off as their contribution to the fund raising.

    this year my daughter’s class made a fabulous quilt where each student did the stitching for a square of the quilt.

    WOW! the nostalgic effect of a quilt made by your own child’s preschool class plus the nostalgic effect of quilts in the first place was very powerful. The auction fever took hold of the parents and the school really benefited.

    It’s such a great idea for a fund-raiser, don’t you think? having an auction. other items are also contributed of course but the highlight is the class projects that are auctioned at a feverish rate if you know what i mean!

    Don’t you just LOVE that idea?

    keep on keepin’ on, Lisa!

    Juanita Bellavance

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