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Vision Board ‘06

Forgive me — my digital camera is still at the repair factory, which is why I am using my ’06 vision board photo to illustrate this post. My apologies for the redundancy. There are currently three (yes, 3!) different vision boards in my house: two for the writing part of my life and one for my life as a whole. One is on my bedroom wall, within easy eyeball range upon waking each morning. Another is hanging next to the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. And the other is on the door to my art and sewing room. Could I have any more visual reminders?!* I don’t think so.

There have been so many visitors — from around the world! — to this blog since I began posting about vision boards. So exciting for someone who has always loved mail, correspondence, pen pals, and worldwide travel. Watching the stats, incoming links, and search phrases that brought people here has been armchair travel in a whole new form of transport.

I recently went mozeying around and soon discovered that there was no group for Vision Board Collages … so I created one! Please take a gander over there. If you’re not already a flickr member, consider joining and adding photos of your vision board collage(s). And if you are a member, why not join the Vision Board Collage group and post your pics today? The more the merrier!

7 responses to “Post Your Vision Board Pics on

  1. Lisa, you are SO talented in SO many areas! You are an amazing woman! Your blog inspires me! I wish I had several days just to haunt it:)!

  2. Hi! I just found this forum and it looks really cool.

    Now, I gotta run off and read some posts. 🙂

  3. Wow! Really beautiful stuff! I’m inspired!

  4. “I love your Vision Boards because they are different!”
    Joyce Schwarz, author of The Vision Board by Harper Collins Publishing

    Call today 480-775-0315 for us to begin your custom Digital Vision Board or for us to coach you in designing your own custom board.

  5. Hello. It is test.

  6. I’m the only one in this world. Can please someone join me in this life? Or maybe death…

  7. Hey All, it’s always nice to meet new people..Just wanted to introduce my self as new comer into the forum and for you all please feel free to ad me to your buddy list

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