Brainstorming and the Ice Cream Dish

creative sparks flyingYesterday Mike and I went down to Natick, MA, braving the commercial chaos of Rte. 9, in pursuit of some ideas and supplies for harnessing our CD collection. After a satisfying purchase at The Container Store, we felt we deserved edible reward, and were thrilled to see a big sign for a Legal Seafood restaurant across the way. Three traffic lights and one u-turn later we were seated in their dining room. I can only sum up my reaction to the elaborate designer interior of the restaurant and the menu’s megabucks prices as the realization that I really do live in the country! Or, I need to get out more!!! Anyway, as a change in routine and venue has proven to me so many times in the past, this kind of shake-up is good for the cerebral activity.

One random statement led to a business idea, which led to more and more and before you knew it I was pulling out my trusty polka-dotted pocketbook-size notebook and favorite pen and building a business plan!

If I’ve learned anything, it is that there is notable reward for paying attention to my life balance. Which brings me right back to the 4-flavors in the ice cream dish concept.assorted ice cream cones There are some flavors I am not willing to give up. Period. And given that there are only so many hours per day and so many days per week, and that time is a non-renewable resource (I love this one), serious consideration is required before committing to anything new. I’m still in the honeymoon phase with this new possibility for another stream of income. Ah, the honeymoon phase. Who doesn’t love it? Meanwhile, the venture jockeys for a place in the ice cream dish.


One response to “Brainstorming and the Ice Cream Dish

  1. Hooray for business plans and multiple forms of income! Can’t wait to hear more. 🙂

    Good on you for shaking things up!

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