Finished project: Modular Mittens!

Pair of Modular Mittensuh-oh. no pre-project gauge on these. I believe the yarn was a Lorna’s Laces, but cannot find the same on their web page. Heartland Knits “Fanning the Flame Mittens” pattern calls for size #1 knitting needles or size to obtain gauge. I knit these with #1’s, but instead of measuring 4×10″, they are about an inch wider and longer. Solution? I think I am going to try felting them.

These were a lot of fun to knit and by the time I was on the 2nd one, I didn’t have to reference the pattern’s stitch chart as often.

I especially love the name of this yarn’s dye lot: Peppermint Stick!
modular mitten backside

2 responses to “Finished project: Modular Mittens!

  1. Those are great mittens! My trouble with knitting anything in pairs is finishing that second one… Now, is that done in Fair Isle or did your yarn just change colors? The pattern is really pretty!

  2. Wonderful….I have only gone down to a size 2 and that is for socks….I might snap anything smaller.
    I’m worried about you felting them…you’ll lose some of the detail. How about hotish water and then block?

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