Orange Break from Grey

Rambling around the blogosphere this morning, I was inspired by a post with this same title at Something to Say. Here’s my contribution to a mid-winter Orange Break from Grey.

4 responses to “Orange Break from Grey

  1. Thank you! And your orange break is lovely!

  2. hi lisa! i’m glad to have found your blog. i always love to see what other people are knitting and sewing, and i’m glad to finally see a picture of omar, ive heard a lot about him.

    i’ve been taking care of alex now that rachel is gone, we miss her alot but i’m sure that four months will go by quickly and alex will bring you back something good from ireland.

    i hope to see you soon. maybe breakfast at the big bean again?


  3. i don’t think i typed in my blog address correctly the first time. lets try this again.

  4. Hi Lisa,

    I love birds of paradise, and I love the photo! Is it from our visit to the botanical gardens in Buffalo?! If so, it has special meaning for me because that is my oasis in the winter when I need a break from cold and grey.

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