Heartwarming “Holiday”

The Holiday film It was one of those afternoons between Christmas and New Year’s, an afternoon perfect for a movie matinee. “Romantic Comedy” was the genre of choice; neither thrillers, political dramas nor animation appealed. What a lovely surprise “The Holiday” was. Nancy Meyers of “Something’s Gotta Give” and “What Women Want” fame has done it again. I laughed. I cried. My heart swooned with the music and marveled at Cameron Diaz’s wardrobe and Kate Winslet’s necklaces. I fell in love with the characters, especially Eli Wallach’s geriatric Hollywood screenwriter. No matter that the story line could be scorned for being predictable or that the timeline was fuzzy. All in all, a delightful break from the ordinary.

One response to “Heartwarming “Holiday”

  1. Why couldn’t we have a sweet holiday movie like that, or Love Actually, during the holiday this year? ;(

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